Happy exercise is equal to wellness April 26, 2017

Well, not quite, but its pretty close. Because quite understandably for many, especially those heavyweights who are exercising for the first time, heavy exercise is regarded as a chore. But even those who could regard themselves as being supremely fit feel as though exercise is just so darn boring. Day in and day out, going through the same routines, how boring. How boring indeed. Something’s not quite right here.

In order to be happy in the exercise you do every day, you need to be doing something a little different. Each routine must be different in any case because it’s looking after different muscle groups in your body. You do not need to, and you shouldn’t in any case, go to the gym every day. Twice a week will suffice. On the next two or other days, you will be doing something different. Most folks go in for running. Some folks love swimming.

More folks should swim because swimming is one of the best cardiovascular workouts the body can enjoy. And enjoyment is the operative word here. Try and find physical pursuits that will well and truly get your endorphins spinning for more. So, if you like cycling, do that. If you’re a mild mannered person who loves nothing more than peace and quiet under the trees, by all means, go for long walks in the park or nature reserve, if you’re lucky enough to have one close by.

Well not quite, that’s what we said earlier. Exercise is still not the be all and end all to complete wellness which essentially means being happy. You still need to look into your personal life and try and fix aspects of it that may be bringing you grief.

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