Tips on sourcing the best rabbit food for your bunny April 26, 2017

They say that Kaytee’s is pretty good. But just remember, there are pretty much others to be considered. After you have taken your dearly beloved pet bunny to the specialist veterinarian for an essential checkup, your vet can fill you in more on this. After his diagnosis, he will have his recommendations unique to the breed you’re keeping. He will set you on the course towards only sourcing the best rabbit food for your beloved and precious little pet.

Let’s briefly mention Kaytee’s again. There’s Kaytee Rabbit Food Supreme. It’s known as the fortified daily blend. Let’s find out why. There is a blend of pellets that come in a variety of shapes and colors. While these may not seem critically important to you at this stage, think about this seriously for a second or two. Just think for a moment how a rabbit’s brain works. This shape and color variation is deliberate.

In accordance with their natural instincts, rabbits love to forage. They can be selective at times, so this also presents a bit of a conundrum when utilizing food that is not high up on the recommended lists of good rabbit food. Because of their natural instinct to be selective, they could be starving themselves of essential ingredients. To counter this, Kaytee and her crew, and others got the mix just right. Their packages include a healthy mix of ingredients not always noticed by the fussy pet rabbit.

She will hardly notice that she’s eating herself to health. These mixed ingredients contain a perfectly balanced blend of essential minerals, vitamins, fats, carbohydrates and proteins required to fit in with the rabbit’s unique genetic disposition. One dietary source that comes recommended for rabbits is that of a natural grain based food source. You will find this in the fortified daily blend mentioned earlier. No hay or timothy is included in the packaged product.

best rabbit food

In its place, you will find natural grains and seeds, all good for the rabbit’s health in any case. A crunchier texture is deliberately added to enhance the rabbit’s esthetic feeding experience. After all, what rabbit doesn’t like to crunch and crunch and chew and chew and nibble and nibble? Is it any wonder why rabbits love their carrots. You try chewing on a raw, hard carrot. Not so easy, is it. But rabbits, they love it.

This is no stereotype. Forget about Bugs Bunny, this is for real. The design behind adding more crunch to pellets is obvious to you by now. The above recommendation is not bad, but do try and source an alfalfa blend. They are readily available. The guarantee is given that this natural source will certainly provide your bunny with all the essential ingredients mentioned earlier. Oh, and don’t forget your essential omega 3 fatty acids. You see, even rabbits need it. It’s such an important ingredient without which no four or two legged creatures can do without.

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